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Your child likes to play games. Maybe just now and then, maybe a lot, or maybe he or she is addicted. Potentially it adds something to your home-situation, potentially it causes huge irritations and worries. How can you make sure your child stays balanced besides playing games? How can you use gaming and esports to recover, retain or reinforce your relationship? What is gaming and esports actually? These are a few of the questions that will be answered during the Koenz College. You will learn how you can become a Parent of Play thanks to the Parents of Play Program, designed in cooperation with parents, for parents. Join in and go home with clear advice you can implement immediately!

The Koenz College is for you when:

  • You have a gaming child
  • You want to know more about the world of gaming and esports
  • You work with parents and children
  • You want to recover, retain or reinforce the relationship with your child
  • You want to be an example for your child and guide and help your gaming child
  • You want your child to live a balanced lifestyle, regarding sleep, study, sport, social life and gaming
  • You notice that the topic ‘gaming’ can cause irritation and frustration at home
  • You notice that you experience stress at work, while doing sports or when  being with friends because of the problems surrounding gaming
  • You have difficulty to cope with your gaming child and are looking for advice and help
  • You, despite all efforts, can’t seem to control your gaming child

During the Koenz College you’ll learn how to become a Parent of Play in a couple of hours, thanks to parts of the Parents of Play Program. Together with other parents and interested people you’ll work on your future, the future of your child, and the future of your household using new insights, knowledge and advice. This is the first step.

What you will discover is:

  • Why the Parents of Play Program is the way to recover, retain and reinforce the relationhip with your gaming child without irritation and frustration
  • What it takes to live a balanced lifestyle together with your child, including playing games
  • How you can guide your child through the world of gaming and esports
  • How good it feels to be able to work and discuss with other parents and interested people
  • That now is the best time to get informed about the world of gaming and esports as a parent
  • That stopping playing games isn’t the solution to build a relationship with your gaming child

The specialist in gaming & esports education

With 13 years of experience, Koen Schobbers is the specialist in education for parents and children surrounding gaming and esports. He’s helping and coaching parents to recover, retain or reinforce the relationship with their gaming child. He already informed thousands of parents globally and isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Thanks to his experiences and the positive feedback from parents, he decided to found the ‘Koenz College’, ‘Koenz Course’ and ‘Koenz Academy’. Koen is also a medical student, host on FOX-Sports for the show Inside Esports, gaming expert at NOS Radio and a international public speaker in gaming and esports.

Koen is the winner of ‘The Young100 Award 2016’ for the ‘Most promising youth till the age of 25 years old’ and follows his dream to inform people about gaming and esports. His speciality is to bring parents and gaming children together to make their relationship recover, retain or reinforce. Thanks to a very personal and emotional story he manages to touch people, and thanks to his Parents of Play Program he manages to change lives.

”My passion was to help other people since I was young. This resulted in becoming a medical student, but also in helping parents & children to cope with gaming. I truly enjoy offering parents an opportunity to bring them closer to their children, and therefore often a step closer to their partner and ideal family life. The Koenz College is designed to obtain relevant knowledge and advice, which can be implemented immediately, in a short amount of time. I like to meet people in person, get to know others, and work together with them to achieve their desired results.”

“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents”
Jane D. Hull