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Study & Awards

study and awards

Life-long learning

Here’s a short explanation of the terms that are used below:

At the end of 8 years of primary school, having an average age of 12 years old, children have to make a final test that includes multiple subjects. This test will give you a result between 500 and 550. Depending on the result you get, you’ll be advised a certain high school level. Schools stopped using the CITO test since 2014. It’s now called the ‘final test for primary education’.

VMBO: preparatory secondary vocational education

HAVO: senior general secondary education

VWO: pre-university education

Primary School

2005: Finished with a CITO-score of 537 and was advised to start in a VMBO/HAVO mixed class


2005: Started in a two-year VMBO/HAVO mixed class

2007: Switched to HAVO

2010: Graduated HAVO, switched to VWO

2012: Graduated VWO


2015: Graduated the Biomedical Science Bachelor at the Radboud University

2017: Graduated the Pre-Master Medicine study program at the Radboud University

2017: Received a special sports status to combine his studies and esports career at the Amsterdam Medical Center (AMC)

2017: Started his master’s degree in medicine at the Amsterdam Medical Center

2018: Stopped his master’s degree in medicine and took the opportunities he had in the gaming and esports industry


2017: Graduated the Public Speakers University and continued in the Professional Speakers Academy

2018: Graduated the Surgery for Medical Students Association (VCMS)


2016: Winner of the champions category of the ‘The Young 100’ most promising youth till the age of 25