Youth – Koen Schobbers




The youth grows up in a very digital, fast-paced and innovative environment. It therefore is important to align with their environment and teach them skills and a way of thinking that will benefit them in their development. Gaming is a popular hobby, but there’s much more to it than meets the eye.

What is the gaming and esports industry about? How does it work? Why does it grow exponentially? What are the trends and what does the future look like? What jobs can you get? Why do games have such a strong appeal? What is ‘conscious gaming’, ‘balanced gaming’ or ‘healthy gaming’? How can we ensure that a healthy balance is maintained? What are the risks if we do not?

These are a few of the questions Koen will answer during his presentations and workshops for the next generation. His goal is to inform, inspire and activate them. Not to just share some random words about the industry he loves, but to create a lasting change in feeling, thinking and behaving by speaking in an open, accessible and down to earth style.

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