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Your child likes to play games. Maybe just now and then, maybe a lot, or maybe he or she is addicted. Potentially it adds something to your household, potentially it causes huge irritations and worries. How can you make sure your child stays balanced besides playing games? How can you use gaming and esports to recover, retain or reinforce your relationship? What is gaming and esports actually? These are a few of the questions that will be answered during the free Koenz College. You will learn how you can become a Parent of Play thanks to the Parents of Play Program, designed in cooperation with parents, for parents.

Inform Yourself

retain, reinforce

Information and experience is important in life, though without good communication you can’t do anything with it. In order to guide your child through this (online) gaming world, it’s important to know what you’re talking about. During my events, workshops and masterclasses I like to inform, share my experience, and provide techniques that you can implement immediately. This is possible thanks to my Parents of Play Program, designed in cooperation with parents, for parents. I’ll make sure you go home inspired and informed, ready to innovate and interact.

This program has multiple exercises and activities that you can do in your own or with others. The Parents of Play Program contains a lot of information and makes sure that you’ll design a plan, specifically for your situation, to repair, retain or reinforce your relationship. Will you become a Parent of Play?

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