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A book full of insights from gaming and esports experts, pedagogues, doctors, ex game addicts, parents of gaming children and more? A book with lots of information, including immediately usable advice and tips & tricks? This will be the book for you!

The experiences of Koen with his parents, as well as with other parents and children thanks to his workshops and masterclasses, will be bundled together. Whether your child barely plays any games or plays lots of games, this book is written for you. Regardless your situation, this book will give a positive twist to the relationship you have with your child. Learn about gaming and esports, learn about the threats and benefits, learn about how gaming can make you grow towards one another, learn about how to live a balanced lifestyle thanks to my G.F.O.R.C.E. Gamer Guide, which stands for Gaming, Friends, Obsession, Rest, Classes and Exercise, and learn a lot more.

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Interested? Register now and stay up-to-date about developments and special promotions. The final version of the book will first be available in Dutch at the end of 2019/start of 2020. The book is written in cooperation with writer Anne van Kessel and will be published by Maven Publishing, publisher of bestseller Mindf*ck among other great bestsellers.

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