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You and Me

With over 13 years of experience in gaming and esports Koen Schobbers has a lot of knowledge and insights about this market. He’s seen as the specialist of gaming and esports education for parents, helping them to recover, retain and reinforce the relationship with their (gaming) children. He informed thousands of parents around the globe and is not going to stop anytime soon. Thanks to his experiences, and the positive feedback from parents, he decided to start his own ‘Koenz College’, ‘Koenz University’ and ‘Koenz Academy’. He’s currently working hard on these projects to help even more parents and provide them with knowledge, advice, exercises and tips & tricks.

He’s still giving a lot of presentations, workshops and masterclasses as well. He also enjoys to inform and inspire youth, from very young children to university students and young adults. Scroll down for more information!

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Koenz College

Your child likes to play games. Maybe just now and then, maybe a lot, or maybe he or she is addicted. Potentially it adds something to your home-situation, potentially it causes huge irritations and worries. How can you make sure your child stays balanced besides playing games? How can you use gaming and esports to recover, retain or reinforce your relationship? What is gaming and esports actually? These are a few of the questions that will be answered during the free Koenz College. You will learn how you can become a Parent of Play thanks to the Parents of Play Program, designed in cooperation with parents, for parents.

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Koenz Course

Discover the whole Parents of play Program and become a Parent of Play! In a unique multi-day workshop, designed in cooperation with parents, we will work together using new knowledge, insights, inspiration and exercises. We’ll go through all modules step by step which result in you making an amazing plan, specifically for your home-situation, to go through with your gaming child. Do not stay on the sidelines, start playing. Become a Parent of Play!

The whole year!

Koenz Academy

The Koenz Academy gives yearly acces to a lot of trainings, activities, regular meetings, a big network and a lot more. We are currently working hard to shape the Koenz Academy. Want to stay up to date? Click here and join the Z